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A Complete Guide To 1 To 1 Football Coaching

A Complete Guide To 1 To 1 Football Coaching

The Ultimate Guide To 1 To 1 Football Coaching 

If your looking to get ahead in football and in life 1 to 1 football coaching is being used by everyone from children as young as five to seasoned professional players to give them an edge on the football pitch. 

1 to 1 football coaching prices with a FA qualified and experienced trainer start at £35 for a single lesson, although discounts are applied if sessions are purchased in packages of 3, 5 or 10. 

What To Except From A Coaching Session? 

Pre session communication between you and the coach will allow the opportunity for you to discuss your specific goals. This could be anything from improving overall football ability to being able to execute a particular position specific skill more consistently such as finishing or dribbling at speed with the ball. It could also include improving fitness, developing a better understanding of your specific position and tactics. Every player is different so it's a great opportunity to share your goals so the coach can personalise a session which is going to maximise your time training. 

What Football Drills Will Be Practised? 

Again, this is dependent on you, your ability, position and overall goal. Your coach will personalise a session for you which will include plenty of football coaching drills beneficial to your position. As an example, a good central midfielder needs to be calm under pressure, have good vision, a subtle first touch and be able to excuse a pass. This can be improved on in 1 on 1 coaching through a drills where the coach sets up targets around the player asking the player to control a fast moving ball before passing the ball attempting to hit the target. This can be progressed through different speeds of pass, varying height of feed so the player has to control using the foot, thigh and chest and the appliance of pressure from the coach who makes movement towards the ball replicating a defending closing down the opponent on the ball. 

Anything Else I Need To Know? 

A Coachability 1 to 1 football coaching session can take place pretty much anywhere. A football pitch or a park is always good but even a back garden, as long as its clear works perfectly well. The coach will bring all the equipment required for the session, all you need to bring is a positive attitude to work fun and have fun. 

All coaches are qualified, experienced, verified and insured. Safety is of paramount importance thats why we run rigorous background checks on all coaches. You can read more about this here

Start your 1 to 1 coaching journey today.