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Coachability's Coach Tiers

All Coachability coaches are categorised into one of three Coach Tiers: Gold, Silver, or Bronze. The only exception is for new coaches, who won’t be assigned a tier until after a full month on the platform or if they've received fewer than 5 enquiries.

What Tier Will I Be In?

To determine a coach's tier, they will be rated on the following four metrics on a scale of 1-4 (1-5 for Client Loyalty Rate): Review Rating Average, Responsiveness Score, Lifetime Conversion and Client Loyalty Rate. Coaches are assigned a Coach Tier based on the total points earned. The points system has been revised to reflect more points for repeat booking rate: 

1. Review Rating Average (Review from clients, scored out of 5)

2. Responsiveness Score (Response time to a client's initial enquiry) 

3. Lifetime Conversion (Enquiries turning into bookings)

4. Client Loyalty Rate (Repeat Booking rate)

Coaches are assigned a Coach Tier based on the total amount of points earned. 

Gold 14 - 17 points 

Silver 9 - 13 points 

Bronze 5 - 8 points or under 


1. Review Rating Average: 

This metric averages the star rating a coach has received from clients. 

For example: If a coach received two 5-star and two 4-star reviews, the average review rating is 4.5. 

Greater than or equal to 4.5 = 4 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 4 = 3 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 3 = 2 points earned 

Less than 3 = 1 point earned 

2. Responsiveness Score: 

This metric assesses how quickly a coach responds to a client's initial message via the platform. It’s based on the percentage of time within 48 hours it takes a coach to respond. For example: If a coach takes 8 hours to reply to a message, they will have a responsiveness score of 92%. 

Greater than or equal to 90 = 4 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 80 = 3 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 70 = 2 points earned 

Less than 70 = 1 point earned 

3. Lifetime Conversion: 

This metric examines how many clients have paid to work with a coach compared to the number of clients who have contacted the coach through Coachability. For example: If 10 clients have sent a coach a message since joining and the coach received 5 bookings, the coach would have a 50% conversion rate. 

Greater than or equal to 35% = 4 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 30% = 3 points earned 

Greater than 25% = 2 points earned 

Below 25% = 1 point earned 

4. Client Loyalty Rate: 

This metric analyses the clients that a coach has worked with to see how many have completed at least 4 sessions. For example: If a coach worked with 20 athletes in the past year and of those 20, 12 have completed at least 4 sessions with the coach, they would have a 60% client loyalty rate. (1-5 points) 

Greater than or equal to 50% = 5 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 30% = 3 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 25% = 2 points earned 

Greater than or equal to 20% = 1 points earned 

Lower than 20% = 2 points are deducted. 

Minimum Rebooking rate: At Coachability, we value the commitment and dedication of our coaches in fostering a thriving environment. In order to maintain a high standard of coaching excellence and ensure the continual growth and development of our coaching community, we have implemented the following repeat rebooking policy: 

Coaches are required to maintain a minimum rebooking rate of 25% for their coaching sessions. This policy is designed to encourage coaches to establish strong, enduring relationships with their clients, thereby promoting consistent progress and fostering a sense of continuity in the coaching process.  


Can my Coach Tier change over time? 

Yes, your Coach Tier will be recalculated on the 1st or 2nd of each month. 

Does my Coach Tier affect my earnings? 

Yes. Gold tier coaches are charged 15% commission, silver tier coaches 20%, and Bronze tier coaches 30%. For new coaches, the commission rate is 20%. 

Will my Coach Tier determine where I appear in Coachability's search results? 

Yes. Our default search setting is based on tiers and reviews. Gold tier coaches are displayed at the top, followed by silver, new coaches, and bronze tier coaches. The platform also has additional search filters including distance which will display coaches nearest to the client's address. 

What is the minimum rebooking rate?

Coaches must aim to achieve a rebooking rate of at least 25% or higher, reflecting the satisfaction and engagement of their clients with the coaching services provided.  Once you fall below 25% you will be notified and given 14 days for your rebooking rate to move above 25%. If after the 14 days no improvement has been made your account will be deactivated. 

What's the point of coach tiers? 

We aim to deliver a service that meets the needs of players and parents. Coach tiers is a logical way to measure service delivered by a coach on and off the pitch. We set high standards and ask our coaches to maintain this for their own benefit, which includes increased visibility, a quicker payout time and reduced commission.