Athletes &  Parents FAQs


What is Coachability?

Coachability is a service connecting players of all ages and abilities with coaches for sport specific coaching. 

We believe sport specific private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in sports and life. With seasoned experts who care passionately about developing a players game we are well positioned to helping athletes get the very best out of themselves. 

How do I find a coach and get started?

Search for coaches in your area   

Looking for a coach in your area for one on one or small group training sessions? Enter your location and browse through all coach profiles and sort the results by distance, price, and reviews to identify the coach that best fits your needs. Our coaches offer one on one training sessions, 2 player and small group training. 

Contact and book sessions with your coach 

Click the 'Book Now' button on one of the packages your coach has available on their profile (or send them a message by clicking 'Message Coach'). Here's some more information on how to contact a coach. After you book sessions with your coach, you'll automatically receive their contact information. Call or email your coach to set up your first training session!a coach in your area for one on one or small group training sessions? 

Get training! 

Now you're ready to train! Feel the difference as you sharpen your skills, learn new moves, and improve your game. Receive actionable feedback from your coach after every training session. Remember, you're in good hands with our dedicated support team. 

Can I refer others to Coachability?

Coming soon

How do you ensure the safety of players?

All coaches have undergone a Enhanced DBS check, provided proof of their highest coaching qualification (minimum UEFA C) and have at least 5 years coaching experience. 

Booking Sessions with a Coachability Coach

How much does it cost to book a training session?

Coaches set their own rates on Coachability, so pricing varies based on the coach you choose; a coaches pricing can be found on his or her profile page. Many coaches offer discounts for packages of multiple sessions or multiple athletes. 

There is no joining fee, no monthly subscription and no commitment.  

Where do training sessions take place?

Training locations can be found on a coaches profile page. Many coaches have 2 or 3 training locations where the deliver most of their sessions. Some coaches are abel to travel within a certain mile radius, this is shown on their profile page. 

Can I the contact the coach before booking sessions? 

Interested in booking training sessions with a coach but want to make contact with the coach first? Once you've found your coach, you can email the coach at any time by clicking the "Message Coach" button on the coach’s profile page. Your message will be emailed to the coach, and his or her response will be emailed back to you. 

Why was my booking request rejected by the coach? 

When a booking request is submitted (upon completing the checkout process), we place an authorisation hold on your credit card. This hold typically appears as a pending charge or temporary authorisation on your statement. Your coach will have 24 hours to accept the booking request, at which time we will finalise the transaction. If your coach declines the request or 24 hours elapses, we will release the authorisation hold and our team will follow up to recommend another great coach who is ready to train you. 

I haven't had a response from a coach I messaged? 

If you do not hear back from a coach within 48 hours of reaching out to them, please confirm your message was sent. It's possible your coach replied to you and the reply ended up in a spam folder in your email account. Confirm that your message was delivered to the coach by looking in your Coachability Inbox.  Let us know if you didn't hear back from your coach. We'll do our best to reach the coach and confirm their availability, and in most cases the coach will then follow up with you shortly. However, we find that the best option is to also message additional coaches in case your first choice is currently unavailable. We understand that it can be frustrating to message a coach and not receive a response right away. We encourage coaches to respond as soon as possible, and even require coaches to reply to new messages within 48 hours. There is a chance that the coach is temporarily without access to the internet or email and simply cannot respond to you at the moment.

Managing Your Training Sessions

What is Coachability's cancelation policy for scheduled sessions? 

If an athlete needs to cancel a scheduled session, they must provide the coach with at least 24 hours advance notice. If the coach doesn’t receive that 24 hour advance cancellation notice, the coach may, at his or her discretion, mark that session complete and receive payment in full.

Do my unused training sessions ever expire?  

No. If you purchase a package of training sessions then you are able to use these as frequently or as infrequently as possible.

Support & Technical Help

How do I leave a review for my coach?  

After your completed training session you will receive an automated email inviting you to leave a review for the coach. Alternatively you can email Coachability at with your review and the name of the coach and we will add the review to the coaches profile manually.