How To Become A Footballer?

Posted on 21-09-2021 at 17:53 by James H.

How hard is it to become a professional football player? To be honest, it is extremely hard. However, that is not to say it is impossible either and for those who dream of playing under the bright lights of Wembley Stadium, their own personal fantasy could still become a reality. 

Of course, for those who harbour these dreams and there are thousands of men and women who do, there are number of elements that are required to make it all the way to the top and receive financial reimbursement for such a passion. At the bare minimum, you must be good enough to play football at the highest levels and without the necessary talent at your disposal, those dreams will unfortunately become ones that are simply unfulfilled. Which means if you were to ask the question, “How to become a professional footballer?” The answer is not only an incredible amount of talent to help you stand out from the rest, but also the right conditioning to go with it.


It is not enough to simply be the most talented of your peers, you need the right level of fitness and conditioning to support your skills and without such physical attributes, your playing ability may end up going to waste. Not only does your level of footballing aptitude need to match your physical prowess, but an incredible amount of dedication is required also, and it is no coincidence that the most committed end up receiving the greatest rewards. Rewards that come with earning a professional playing contract and if all three of the above components can be fused together (talent, fitness, and dedication), then you will have a far greater chance of making it in the big time. When it comes to the discussion regarding how to become a pro footballer, a question regarding education also needs to be considered and often youngsters will ask “What qualifications do you need to be a footballer?”


In terms of an answer, it all depends on how you look at it and although one truism would be to say that nothing is needed in the way of qualifications to be a professional footballer, that does not necessarily tell the full story either. With so many youngsters chasing the dream of a professional contract and the footballing industry being rather cut-throat at times, not everyone who has such an aim will subsequently be putting pen to paper. Which means with so many starlets aiming for so few available opportunities, it is sensible to suggest that a backup plan is needed, and that backup plan comes in the form of education and qualifications. These qualifications could be within a sporting environment, such as coaching badges or P.E. teaching – something that allows those with a love of the game, to still offer something if the playing route is closed off.


At the same time, those same prospects may want to consider a separate avenue to a life in football and provide themselves with a plan b to pivot towards, should their primary objective not be reached. Quite simply, not everyone is going to reach the promised land and for those who do not go all the way in the pursuit of professionalism, there may be an understandable level of disappointment that comes with it. Such is the disillusion that comes with missing out on professional football, that sometimes it is easier just to walk away and leave the sport behind and if this is to be the case, this is where qualifications play their part. No longer can you simply put all your eggs in one sport shaped basket and although you may ask how to become a footballer, you may also need to ponder what other forms of career you may be interested in.


That’s not to put your own dreams of being a footballer on ice, it is just that you should always have a plan b or even plan c to consider and of course, you must remember that your potential career can change in an instant. You may have the three fundamentals in your locker and are ready to make your debut for a professional club, only for the worst to happen. The worst that comes from suffering a serious injury in training. One that has the potential to not only set you back in terms of your debut, but you may never be the same player and although you’ve just inked a professional contract, your new employers eventually let you go. Which once again means a backup plan is not only heavily recommended, but also now a necessity for any footballer who plans on swapping the five-a-side pitches for the roar of a capacity crowd at Anfield or Old Trafford.


While if you think you are not quite there in terms of aptitude or simply need a session to sharpen your skills, then we at Coachability have you covered, and we are ready to assist you on the path to becoming a professional footballer. Our fully qualified coaches are on hand to offer all the support you may need and with our one-to-one sessions setup to put you through your paces, you can prepare for a high amount of physical exertion. It may mean you are short of breath from time to time, but nothing comes in easy in the quest to be a pro footballer and although we will provide a workout which is second to none, it will also be lots of fun. Our engaging sessions make sure, that although you may find yourself out of your comfort zone, it is all for the greater good and the benefits that come with an improved skill set and physique, are almost immeasurable. Which means you can book with Coachability with complete confidence and if you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd, then simply get in touch with us today. Book with Coachability and become a match winner in no time at all.

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