Terms of Service

1. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT PLEASE READ THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE AND OUR SERVICES. These Terms & Conditions contain all of the terms and conditions between Coachability and You, whether You are a "Coach Seeker,” or a “Coach” (as defined below) and/or any other user of our website, (collectively “Users”) and governs the use of the service offered on the Coachability website and through any Coachability mobile application (“Services”). Use of our website and our Services indicates your agreement with these Terms (this "Agreement"). If you object to anything in this Agreement, including the Coachability Privacy Policy, do not use our website or the Services. Member Services If you choose to register as a Coach or a Coach Seeker (as defined in section 2, below) through our Services then You will become a “Member” of Coachability for the term of Your registration. This Agreement, together with the terms of your registration agreement will govern your relationship with us and your use of our Services during the term of Your Membership. Changes to Terms  These Terms, including the Privacy Policy, are subject to change by Coachability at any time. We will notify you about significant changes in these Terms by sending a notice to the email address registered in your account, or by placing a prominent notice on our Site, so that you can choose whether to continue using our Services. Significant changes will go into effect no less than 30 days after we notify you. Non-material changes or clarifications will take effect immediately upon posting of the updated Terms on our Site. Any use of the Site or the Services by you after the effective date of any changes will constitute your acceptance of such changes. In addition, by accessing the website or becoming a Member (if applicable), you consent to have this Agreement provided to You in electronic form. 2. COACHABILITY SERVICES The Services offered by Coachability consist of a communications platform for enabling the connection between individuals or organisations seeking coaching services ("Coach Seekers") and/or individuals or organisations providing coaching services ("Coaches"). Coach Seekers may use the Services for themselves or to arrange coaching for a third party, as long as permission has been granted. The Service provides a place for Coaches to list their services and experience, and for Coach Seekers to review the skills of Coaches for a potential match. Coachability does not take part in the interaction between Coach Seekers and Coaches except to provide this platform for communication for information sharing and to collect payments on behalf of Members who seek to be matched through our Services. Users and Members represent, understand and expressly agree that Coachabillity does not have control over the quality, timing, legality, characteristics or any other aspect whatsoever of the coaching services actually delivered by any Coach, nor of the integrity, responsibility or any of the actions whatsoever of the Coach Seekers. Coachability makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness, and accuracy of the services provided by Coaches or Coach Seekers whether in public, private or offline interactions, or arranged through our Services. Coachability does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information provided through this website or our Services, or by Coaches or Coach Seekers who use our Services. Coachability does not assume and expressly disclaims any and all liability that may result from the use of any information provided through this website and our Services or through Coaches or Coach Seekers listed with our website. Coachability is not responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline, of any user of this website or any User or Member of the Service. All Users and Members, including both Coach Seekers and Coaches do hereby expressly agree not to hold Coachability (or Coacability’s officers, directors, investors, subsidiaries, agents, assignees, representatives, advertisers, marketing partners, licensors, independent contractors, recruiters, corporate partners, or employees, hereinafter "Affiliates") liable for any instruction, advice or services delivered which originated through the website and Coachability and its Affiliates expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any damage, suits, claims, and/or controversies that arise or relate in any way to this website, our Services, the information provided through this website and the services provided by or to any User of this website or our Services. Notwithstanding, and without limiting, the foregoing disclaimers of liability, Coachability may purchase one or more insurance policies (“Insurance”) which may provide defence or indemnity in case of property damage or personal injury incurred in connection with the Services. While Coachability makes such Insurance available, we cannot guarantee that the Insurance will cover any particular injury or loss, or that the amount of Insurance will be adequate, or available at all, in any particular case. Providing or Accepting Coaching Services Not Arranged Through Coachability Coach Seekers and Coaches agree and acknowledge that in cases where the parties have initially been introduced through the Service, it is an express violation of these Terms for either party to offer or accept the provision of coaching services between the parties without arranging such coaching services through the Service. Verification of such an arrangement will result in the immediate termination of the applicable Members’ accounts. 3. ELIGIBILITY Our Services are available only to individuals and companies that can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, our Services are not available to minors or anyone under the age of eighteen (18). This website and our Services are currently available only to United Kingdom citizens and/or any individuals who are legally in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and, with respect to Coaches, those that may legally work within the United Kingdom. By registering as a Member and/or using the website or our Services, You represent and warrant that You are of legal age as described above, and that You have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and that You commit to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including any posted changes to these terms and conditions). If You are a Coach Seeker using the Services to arrange coaching for Minor Athletes (Under 18 Years) You represent and warrant that You are the parent or legal guardian of each Minor Athlete, or that You have the permission of the parent or legal guardian of all Minor Athletes who will participate in any coaching arranged through the Services. You represent and warrant that You (a) have never been the subject of a complaint, restraining order or any other legal action involving criminal activity or alleged criminal activity, and You have not been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of any crime, or any criminal offense involving violence, abuse, neglect, fraud or larceny, or any offense that involves endangering the safety of others, and (b) have not been and are not currently required to register as a sex offender with any government entity. Persons who have been involved with activities described in “ (a)” or “ (b)” above are NOT eligible to participate in our Services or to be or become Members. 4. RELEASE  Coach Seekers may seek the services of a Coach through the use of the website. In the event that a Coach Seeker and a Coach agree on the provision of services such agreement is solely between the Coach Seeker and the Coach except as otherwise described in this Agreement. Coachability is not a party to any agreement between Coaches and Coach Seekers. Any issues concerning the services received by the Coach Seeker (and Minor Athletes, as applicable) or payment due to the Coach (except to the extent that such issue relates to the Services or Coachability's role as a payment conduit) must be resolved directly by the Coach Seeker and the Coach. COACHABILITY WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY CLAIMS, DEMANDS OR DAMAGES, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, OF EVERY KIND AND NATURE, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, SUSPECTED AND UNSUSPECTED, DISCLOSED AND UNDISCLOSED, ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH SERVICES, INCLUDING PAYMENT FOR COACHING SERVICES PROVIDED BY A COACH EVEN IF SUCH SERVICES ARE THE RESULT OF COACH AND COACH SEEKER (AND MINOR ATHLETES, AS APPLICABLE) MEETING THROUGH OUR SERVICES. BY USING THIS WEBSITE AND OUR SERVICES, USERS REPRESENT, UNDERSTAND, AND EXPRESSLY AGREE TO HOLD COACHABILITY HARMLESS FOR ANY CLAIM, CONTROVERSY OR DAMAGES THAT MAY ARISE FROM ANY DISPUTE BETWEEN YOU AND ANY OTHER USER (S) OF THE WEBSITE INCLUDING WITH ANY OTHER MEMBER, COACH, COACH SEEKER, OR MINOR ATHLETE. IN ADDITION, AND WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, ALL COACHES PROVIDED THROUGH THIS SERVICE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER ARISING OUT OF, AND COACH SEEKERS (FOR THEMSELVES AND ON BEHALF OF MINOR ATHLETES, AS APPLICABLE) HEREBY EXPRESSLY RELEASE AND WAIVE ALL CLAIMS DEMANDS OR DAMAGES, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, OF EVERY KIND AND NATURE, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, SUSPECTED AND UNSUSPECTED, DISCLOSED AND UNDISCLOSED THAT COACH SEEKER OR MINOR ATHLETE MAY HAVE AGAINST ANY COACH ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH SERVICES PROVIDED BY ANY OTHER MEMBER, INCLUDING ANY COACH, INCLUDING SUCH CLAIMS RELATED TO PAYMENT FOR COACHING SERVICES PROVIDED BY A COACH, OR ANY HARM, DAMAGE OR INJURY CAUSED BY SERVICES PROVIDED BY ANY COACH CONTRACTED THROUGH THE SERVICE, EVEN IF SUCH SERVICES ARE THE RESULT OF COACH’S NEGLIGENCE, INCOMPETENCE, INTENTIONAL MALFEASANCE, OR OMISSION. BY USING THIS WEBSITE AND OUR SERVICES, USERS REPRESENT, UNDERSTAND, AND EXPRESSLY AGREE TO HOLD ANY COACH HARMLESS FOR ANY CLAIM, CONTROVERSY OR DAMAGES THAT MAY ARISE FROM ANY DISPUTE BETWEEN YOU AND ANY OTHER USER (S) OF THE WEBSITE INCLUDING WITH ANY OTHER MEMBER, COACH OR COACH SEEKER. 5. EXCLUSIVE USE BY USER Your account is for Your sole, personal use. You may not authorise others to use your account, and You may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity. 6. INFORMATION PROVIDED BY USERS  You are responsible for providing accurate, current and complete information in connection with your registration and use of the website and the Services. Coachability is not responsible for any claims relating to any inaccurate, untimely or incomplete information provided by Users. As part of the Services, Coachability allows you to post information about yourself to our website. You are solely responsible for any information, content, messages, photos, videos, reviews or profiles (collectively, "Content") that You publish or display (hereinafter, "post") on the website, or transmit to other Users. You will not post, or transmit to other Users, any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, or illegal Content, or any Content that infringes or violates another party's rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, and rights of privacy and publicity). You will not provide inaccurate, misleading or false information to Coachability or to any other User. You understand and agree that Coachability may review and delete any Content, in each case in whole or in part, that in the sole judgment of Coachability violates this Agreement or that may be offensive, illegal, or that might violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of Users. By posting Content to any public or Member area of the website You represent and warrant that You have the right to grant, and You do grant to Coachability, together with its Affiliates and its and their licensees and successors, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute such Content and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such Content and to grant and authorize sublicenses to the foregoing. You further represent and warrant that public posting and use of Your Content by Coachability will not infringe or violate the rights of any third party. Your use of the Services, including but not limited to the Content You post on the Service, must be in accordance with any and all applicable laws and regulations. Opinions, advice, statements, offers, or other information or Content made available on the website or through the Service, but not directly by Coachability, are those of their respective authors. Such authors are solely responsible for such Content. Coachability does not: (i) guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information on the website or available through the Service, or (ii) adopt, endorse or accept responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement made by any party that appears on the website or through the Service. Under no circumstances will Coachability or its Affiliates be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from: i) Your reliance on information or other content posted on the website or transmitted to or by any user of the website or Service; or ii) reviews or comments made about You on the website by other users. 7. PRIVACY Coachability will only use the information you provide on the website in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information, see our full Privacy Policy. 8. LINKS TO EXTERNAL SITES  Links from the website to external sites (including external sites that are framed by Coachability) or inclusion of advertisements do not constitute an endorsement by Coachability of such sites or the content, products, advertising and other materials presented on such sites or of the products and services that are the subject of such advertisements, but are for users' reference and convenience. Users access them at their own risk. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the content and usefulness of the information obtained from other sites. Coachability does not control such sites, and is not responsible for their content. Just because Coachability has hyperlinks to such sites does not mean that Coachability endorses any of the material on such sites, or has any association with their operators. Users further acknowledge that use of any site controlled, owned or operated by third parties is governed by the terms and conditions of use for those sites, and not by Coachability Terms and Privacy Policy. Coachability expressly disclaims any liability derived from the use and/or viewing of links that may appear on this website. All users hereby agree to hold Coachability harmless from any liability that may result from the use of links that may appear on the website. 9. CHILDREN'S PRIVACY  Coachability takes Children's privacy very seriously. Registering on Coachability is intended for people 16 or over. While many end-users of coaching arranged through Coachability’s Service (i.e., the people who actually take the coaching session, the Minor Athletes) will be children under the age of 16, their parents or guardians will be the only valid registered users on Coachability. Coachability will not knowingly collect any information from children under 16. You must identify Your age during the registration process. That being said, we do not assume any responsibility for any misrepresentations regarding Your age or parental consent when using this website. 10. PROHIBITED USE The website and our Services may not be used by any person or organisation to recruit, solicit, or contact Coach Seekers or Coaches for employment or contracting for a business not affiliated with Coachability without the express prior written permission of Coachability. You may not copy the contents of our website, including but not limited to any of the records or profiles of our Users or Members, and you are prohibited from using any technology, method or scheme to scrape, crawl, reproduce, cache or mirror all or any portion of the contents of our website, nor utilize any other technology, or automated code of any kind, to copy, reproduce or download the contents of our website. Should Coachability find that You violated the terms of this paragraph or any terms stated herein, Coachability reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to immediately terminate your use of the website, your membership and our Services, and/or assess a £10,000 daily fee for scraping, copying, caching or reproducing either in a manual or automatic manner, Coach, Coach Seeker, or Minor Athlete information, including but not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses, copying text, or otherwise misusing or misappropriating website content. Although Coachability cannot monitor the conduct of its Users off the website, it is also a violation of these Terms to use any information obtained from the website or the Services in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person, or in order to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any other User without their prior explicit consent. In order to protect our Users from such activity, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions, including blocking access to the website and terminating Your Membership, with or without notice. Following any termination of any Member's use of the website and/or Services, Coachability reserves the right to send a notice thereof to other Members with whom you have corresponded advising them of Your termination from the Services. 11. TERMINATION Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Coachability may terminate any Membership, or block access to the website and the Services, for any reason or no reason whatsoever, with or without notice, at any time. In case of termination by Coachability, a refund for prepaid Services will be provided only in cases where such termination was not in connection with a Member’s violation of this Agreement. 12. PAYMENT POLICY FOR MEMBERS Coach Seekers are obligated to pay for the Services provided through this website, unless specifically notified otherwise. Coach Seekers that sign up for our Services agree to pay Coachability all charges at the prices then in effect for any use of the Services. During registration, Coach Seekers will be asked to provide payment provider details and to authorise charges to such providers for selected Services. Ordinarily, a Coach Seeker will be required to submit payment for coaching services in advance (“Session Rights”). Session Rights (whether paid in advance or otherwise provided by Coachability) are to be used within one year of initial purchase or issuance. Coachability will encourage you to use your unused Session Rights through repeated email reminders. Coachability reserves the right to correct any errors or mistakes that it makes, even if it has already requested or received payment. 100% Money Back Guarantee Terms All sessions booked through Coachability are protected by Coachability's 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Your Coach for any reason, just let us know within forty-eight (48) hours of completing your first coaching session by emailing info@coachabilitygroup.com, and we will issue you a full refund. If you contact us outside of the forty-eight (48)-hour window, but within 30 days after the first session, we will issue a credit for the total value of your remaining sessions. See PAYMENT AND REFUND POLICY FOR MEMBERS for explanation of credits.  No refunds will be granted for any donations to third-party organisations that are made while enrolling or using the website. 13. NO WARRANTY  COACHABILITY DOES NOT: (i) GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS OR USEFULNESS OF ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THE WEBSITE AND SERVICES, OR (ii) ADOPT, ENDORSE OR ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCURACY OR RELIABILITY OF ANY OPINION, ADVICE, OR STATEMENT MADE BY ANY THIRD PARTY THROUGH OR PUBLISHED ON OUR WEBSITE OR THROUGH OUR SERVICES. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL COACHABILITY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE RESULTING FROM ANYONE'S RELIANCE ON INFORMATION OR OTHER CONTENT POSTED ON THE SERVICES, OR TRANSMITTED TO OR BY ANY USERS. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, THIS WEBSITE, OUR SERVICES, THE INFORMATION AND MATERIALS CONTAINED AND MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE AND THROUGH OUR SERVICES, INCLUDING TEXT, GRAPHICS, INFORMATION, LINKS OR OTHER ITEMS ARE ALL PROVIDED "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE.” COACHABILITY DOES NOT WARRANT THE ACCURACY, ADEQUACY OR COMPLETENESS OF THIS CONTENT, INFORMATION AND MATERIALS, NOR THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY ANY COACH AND COACHABILITY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR ERRORS OR OMISSIONS IN THE SERVICES, INFORMATION, CONTENT, MATERIALS AND SERVICES PROVIDED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE, INCLUDING THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY US OR ANY THIRD PARTY. NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, IMPLIED, EXPRESSED OR STATUTORY INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS, TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND FREEDOM FROM COMPUTER VIRUS, IS GIVEN IN CONJUNCTION WITH OUR SERVICES, THE INFORMATION, CONTENT, OR MATERIALS PROVIDED THROUGH OR RELATING TO OUR SERVICES. FURTHERMORE, COACHABILITY DOES NOT WARRANT THAT YOUR USE OF THE SERVICES WILL BE SECURE, UNINTERRUPTED, SAFE, ALWAYS AVAILABLE, ERROR-FREE OR WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, OR THAT ANY DEFECTS IN THE SERVICES WILL BE CORRECTED. COACHABILITY DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR, AND NO WARRANTY IS MADE WITH RESPECT TO, THE CONNECTIVITY AND AVAILABILITY OF THE SERVICES. IN ADDITION AND WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, COACHABILITY MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED REGARDING THE SUITABILITY OF ANY MEMBER, USER, OR ANY THIRD PARTY AFFILIATED WITH OR WHOSE SERVICES ARE OFFERED THROUGH OUR WEBSITE, TO PROVIDE SERVICES AS A COACH OR TO SECURE THE SERVICES OF A COACH, OR TO VERIFY THE CREDENTIALS AND BACKGROUND OF ANY COACH. 14. ASSUMPTION OF RISK You assume all risk when engaging the services or purchasing the goods of any other User or Member (including any Coach or Coach Seeker) and in connection with using the Services, including but not limited to all of the risks associated with any online or offline interactions with Members and any risks associated with obtaining services from any Coach or providing any services to any Coach Seeker (and Minor Athlete, as applicable), including all risks of physical or emotional injury or harm resulting in any way or arising out of coaching services or clients obtained through our Services. You agree to take all necessary precautions, including but not limited to any recommendations set forth by Coachability, when interacting with others Members. If you are a Coach, it is your responsibility to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for any injuries you may suffer in the course of the provision of services to Coach Seekers. In no event may a Coach seek coverage under Coachability’s workers’ compensation policy. You acknowledge that any insurance coverage provided by Coachability is in excess over any personal insurance policies you have that may apply and that you are responsible for payment of any deductible associated with such Coachability provided policy coverage. In addition, as a Coach, it is your responsibility to provide facilities in or at which to provide coaching services (the “Facilities”). You represent and warrant that: (a) the Facilities will be safe and appropriate for the type of coaching provided, and (b) You have appropriate permission from the owner of the Facilities to conduct such activities at the Facilities. 15. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY In no event will Coachability be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising out of or relating to the use or inability to use the website, the Services provided through this website or by any Member or other User of this website, including without limitation damages related to any services provided or information received from or through this website, removal of content from the website, including profile information, any email distributed to any User or any linked web site or use thereof or inability to use by any party, or in connection with any termination of Your Membership or ability to access the website, failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line or system failure, even if Coachability, or representatives thereof, are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL COACHABILITY'S AGGREGATE LIABILITY, IN ANY FORM OF ACTION WHATSOEVER IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT OR THE USE OF THE SERVICES OR THE WEBSITE, EXCEED THE PRICE PAID BY YOU FOR YOUR ACCOUNT, OR, IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID COACHOUT FOR THE USE OF ANY SERVICES, THE AMOUNT OF US £35.00 OR ITS EQUIVALENT. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT WILL COACHABILITY BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, WHETHER DIRECT, INDIRECT, GENERAL, SPECIAL, COMPENSATORY, CONSEQUENTIAL, AND/OR INCIDENTAL, ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO THE CONDUCT OF YOU OR ANYONE ELSE IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE WEBSITE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, BODILY INJURY, EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, AND/OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES RESULTING FROM INTERACTIONS WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE WEBSITE, INCLUDING ANY COACHES WHETHER ONLINE OR OFFLINE. THIS INCLUDES ANY CLAIMS, LOSSES OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE CONDUCT OF USERS WHO HAVE REGISTERED UNDER FALSE PRETENSES OR WHO ATTEMPT TO DEFRAUD OR HARM YOU. In addition to the preceding paragraphs of this section and other provisions of this Agreement, any advice that may be posted on the website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional advice, financial, medical, legal, or other advice. Coachability makes no representations or warranties and expressly disclaims any and all liability concerning any treatment, action by, or effect on any person following the information offered or provided within or through the website. If You have specific concerns or a situation arises in which You require professional or medical advice, You should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified specialist. 16. INDEMNIFICATION By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, Users of the website, including Members agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Coachability and its Affiliates from and against any and all claims, losses, expenses or demands of liability, including attorneys' fees and costs (whether incurred by Coachability or its Affiliates) in connection with any claim arising out of (i) materials and content You submit, post or transmit through the website, (ii) use of the website by You in violation of these Terms or in violation of any applicable law, and, without limiting the foregoing (iii) use, reliance upon, or disclosure of Background Checks. Users further agree that they will cooperate as reasonably required in the defense of such claims. Coachability and its Affiliates reserve the right, at their own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by users, and users shall not, in any event, settle any claim or matter without the written consent of Coachability Users further agree to hold harmless Coachability and its Affiliates from any claim arising from a third party's use of information or materials of any kind that Users post to the website. 17. NOTICE AND TAKE DOWN PROCEDURES; COPYRIGHT AGENT. General Copyright Statement Most of the sourced material posted to Coachability is posted according to the "fair use" doctrine of copyright law for non-commercial news reporting, education and discussion purposes. We comply with all takedown requests. Please send takedown requests to: info@coachability.com 18. NOTICE OF TRADEMARK RIGHTS The service marks and trademarks Coachability and logo are service marks owned by Coachability. Except as may be otherwise indicated, any other trademarks, service marks, logos and/or trade names appearing on the website are the properties of their respective owners. Users acknowledge the rights of Coachability and the respective third parties in those marks. Users may not copy or use any of these marks, logos or trade names without the prior written permission of the owner.  of a Coachability training session is our top concern. Our football coaches and have extensive experience competing and coaching at a high level in their sport. Beyond our coaches' elite athletic and coaching qualifications, we require every coach to pass a rigorous background check, ensuring that you are in a safe and secure environment when training.