Best Football Skills To Learn

Posted on 15-09-2021 at 14:02 by James H.


Football is a team sport but it's often a moment of individual brilliance or a piece of creative genius by one player which provides the most memorable moment. Past and current players are often remembered by a memorable moment - a turn, a flick, a piece of skill which has immortalised themselves into the affection of their fans, written about by the media and remembered for eternity. 

Many of these famous football skills such as The Cruyff Turn, The Maradona Turn and The Flip Flap are now being taught and practiced to a new generation of players all around the world. 

Here at Coachability we have put together the ultimate list of the 'Best Football Skills'. How many have you heard of and how many have you tried? All of these skills can be practiced on your own in a garden or local park. It's a great exercise for attack minded players such as a wide midfielder or a striker who require a trick or flick to manoeuvre the ball past a defender and in the process creating your very own memorable moment. 

If you are new to all of these skills then we recommend starting with the lowest difficulty rating (see difficulty rating alongside each skill). Enjoy the list of Best football skills to learn!

The Maradona: Difficulty Rating (DR) 10

Also known as "the 360" or "Marseille Roulette" this move was made famous by Argentine legend Diego Maradona. Whilst running at the opposition, The Maradona is executed by using one foot to stand on the ball, spinning over it, in order to shield the ball away from the opponent and then using the other foot to drag it away from him.

The Step Over: DR 3

One of the most simple, yet effective tricks in football "the step-over" can create a player space to pass, cross or shoot. Many players have used it throughout the world of football but probably the most famous player to use this trick, in some cases applying multiple step overs to create space is Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The Scissor Kick: DR 10

Also known as "the Bicycle Kick" or "Overhead Kick" it's an acrobatic strike where a player makes contact with the ball in midair. It's often seen when a player with their back to goal jumps in the air to scissor kick a ball towards the goal. Wayne Rooney famously scored the winner from a scissor kick for Manchester United during the Manchester Derby in 2011. 

The Paneka: DR 5

The Paneka is a technique used in penalty kick taking in which the taker gives a subtle touch underneath the ball, causing it to rise and fall in the centre of the goal, deceiving the goalkeeper who is expecting the player to shoot to the left or right. It was first used in the 1976 UEFA European Championship Final by Czech player Antonin Panenka. 

The Puskas V Move: DR 6

Ferenc Puskaswas a Hungarian forward who is widely regarded as one of the grestaest players of all time. Puskas' famous trick came in 1953 when playing for Hungary. The forward receives the ball on the edge of the six-yard box and, instead of shooting, opts to drag the ball back—fooling the sliding defender—and move in a different direction in one fluid movement.

The Flip Flap: DR 7

Also known as “the elastico,” Brazilian Rivelino first executed the trick during the 1970 World Cup. The ball is moved one way—as if meaning to go past the opposition in that direction—before being whipped back, using the inside of the foot. Brazilian Forward Ronaldinho perfected it and brought this move to fans and players attention.  

The Cruyff Turn: DR 5 

The Cruyff Turn, potentially the most talked about piece of skill, is named after Dutch player Johan Cruyff. In the 24th minute, while Cruyff had control of the ball in an attacking position but was facing his own goal and being guarded tightly a defender Cruyff feigned a pass before dragging the ball behind his standing leg, turning 180 degrees and accelerating away from a confused opponent. 

The Rabona: DR 8

This piece of skill is effectively kicking the ball with your legs crossed, with the kicking leg wrapped around your standing one. Although many, many players have attempted it, it's seldom seen on a pitch, possibly due to a few infamous embarrassing failures by professional players during games. 

If you found these skills good then find out about other football skills and drills you can practice at home.

If you are looking for bespoke 1 on 1 coaching head to our 1 to 1 football section for information on how a qualified and experienced coach can help improve skills and confidence.

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