Andrew Owens

Goalkeeper Coach Success Story

I share my passion for goalkeeping with players who can benefit from my experience and expertise. I have been a goalkeeper since the age of 9 and have over 15 years experience as a goalkeeper coach. During my playing career I had trials for Bristol City and Birmingham City. As a former goalkeeper, I want to give goalkeepers of all ages the opportunity to fulfil their potential and learn the technical, mental and tactical skills required to be a top goalkeeper

Andrew’s Successes So Far

2 Year on Coachability

Andrew joined Coachability in February 2023 after discovering the platform on social media

35+ Players Trained

Since joining, Andrew has trained 35+ players of all ages and abilities

30 Five Star Reviews

From his clients, Andrew has received an impressive 30 five star reviews and was awarded June 2023’s coach of the month

Why did you join Coachability?

I work full time for Somerset Council however my passion is football and my aspirations are tohave a career in coaching. Coachability provides me with the opportunity to improve my coaching, working with players of all ages, whilst taking a step closer to fulfilling my goal.

I joined Coachability in February 2023 completing a very simple registration process, I was setup with a coach profile and immediately I received plenty of requests from players to book sessions.

Your experience in terms of the support you receive from Coachability?

Coachability gives me a wide access to people who love football and a chance to work with all categories and genders all to create a path towards my professional goal. One day, I would like to be a professional Goalkeeper Coach for a Championship or Premiership team

The company is a reliable point of reference who have always gone out of their way to offer me advice and drive forward my coaching opportunities.

What's your motivation for being a goalkeeper coach?

Being a goalkeeper is a unique position which requires a lot of mental strength. One mistake and you are more heavily criticised than any other position on the pitch.

A great keeper must enjoy the trust of his team and be able to remain calm and focused. There may be key moments when the team needs him/her to take direct action. Maintaining focus is important, but very hard to achieve, particularly against certain teams.

I make the most of that calmness I’ve already mentioned. I am passionate about goalkeeping, I love being a keeper. You have to enjoy it in order to be calm and relaxed on the pitch.

Would you recommend Coachability to other coaches?

I feel that Coachability has offered me a new direction in my coaching career and I can see many more interesting opportunities coming my way. I have worked with players of varying ages and abilities and being able to work with and provide advice to help so many different players at different stages of their development is exciting.