Dragan M

Ex Professional Footballer Moves Into Coaching

Dragan joined Coachability in 2021 having moved to London. After a successful playing career predominantly in his homeland of Serbia, like many footballers when retirement comes, a step into coaching is the natural progression.

Dragan's Successes So Far

4 Years on Coachability

Dragan joined Coachability in 2021 when he moved to London after retiring from his professional playing career

175+ Players Trained

Since joining, Dragan has trained 175+ players of all ages and abilities

74 Five Star Reviews

From his clients, Dragan has received an impressive 74 five star reviews making him one of our highest rated coaches

Can you share your journey from player to coach with Coachability?

My coaching journey in the UK started pretty much with Coachability Group. For 17 years I was a professional football player across different countries and worked in parallel to obtain my UEFA qualifications. In the later stage of my career I have also picked up the role of a coach in professional academies in Serbia.

After moving to London, UK I became a coach in academies of West Ham United and RC Lens, soon after I got an amazing opportunity to join Coachability. I choose to work in Central London and East London.

What is it about Coachability that works for you?

Coachability gave me a wide access to people who love football and a chance to work with all categories and genders all to create a path toward my professional goal. I strive to share and pass on the rich experience and deep knowledge of football to younger generations. Coachability allowed me to provide physical drills, football sessions and mental development in the sphere of sport. What I did not realise at first, is that Coachability allowed me to keep football in my life on a daily basis as I could coach and teach clients many times a day. Furthermore it provided such an easy access to the pool of clients who matched my vision.

Would you recommend Coachability to other coaches?

On the business side I got the chance to work with over 175 clients in the past 4 years so far and meet the inspirational leader of the platform James who is a great visionary for the future of amateur football coaching. As I was one of the first coaches to join the platform, it quickly became and it will remain one of the most satisfactory jobs of my career.