Peter M

Semi-Professional Manager

Peter joined Coachability in 2022 having been out of action for 8 months due to injury. As a way to build his coaching business back up he registered on Coachability and the rest is history.

Peter's Successes So Far

3 Years on Coachability

Peter joined Coachability as a way to build his coaching business up after being out of action for 8 month with an injury.

80+ Players Trained

Since joining, Peter has trained 80+ players of all ages and abilities

42 Five Star Reviews

Peter has received lots of reviews from many happy players and parents. Peter has established himself as one of our highest rated coaches.

What was your reason for signing up to Coachability?

I had been out of action for 8 months with a ruptured Achilles and had to give all my coaching commitments away. Thinking about how I could start to build my business up again, alongside my club commitments, I made contact with James at Coachability.

How was your 1st month on Coachability?

Just over a week after completing my profile, I got my first booking, for ten sessions !! A week later another three separate bookings and I was up and running. Two of these led to repeat bookings. Positive reviews came from all which went up on my profile and I’ve not looked back since.

All summer I’ve had bookings to match my availability and have built up many regular clients.

How often are you coaching with Coachability?

I currently work 5 days a week and try not to schedule more than three sessions in a day. On that schedule I’m currently working at no availability for 9 days and that’s been the case for a few weeks now.

Any final thoughts to coaches thinking about joining Coachability?

That’s my experience over the past 4 months and if you are a serious coach who’s serious about your coaching and helping players of all ages develop then seriously, what’s not to like. Oh and finally, my youngest client is 5 and oldest 35 !! Both are now regulars too !!