Rob E

PE Teacher and Football Coach

Rob has used Coachability to transition away from PE teaching, allowing him to the flexibility to work when he wants and focus on his passion for writing. His 1st book: Soccer Coaches Toolkit is available on Amazon.

Rob's Successes So Far

4 Years on Coachability

Since joining Coachability, Rob has been able to transition away from teaching and now uses the platform as his main source of income coaching children and adults

85+ Players Trained

Since joining, Rob has trained 85+ players of all ages and abilities

24 Five Star Reviews

Rob has received lots of reviews from many happy players and parents. Rob has established himself as one of our highest rated coaches

What’s been your experience of using Coachability?

I have worked for Coachability as a football coach for over 4 years and I can honestly say that it is a fantastic company to work for. Within weeks of completing a very simple registration process, I was set up with a coach profile and immediately I received plenty of requests from players to book sessions.

How has Coachability supported you to help find new coaching opportunities?

The set up at Coachability is very simple for coaches and any problems that coaches may encounter are always promptly and effectively dealt with by the support team including the founder, James who is an honest and reliable point of reference who has always gone out of his way to offer me advice and drive forward my coaching opportunities with Coachability.

Any final thoughts to coaches thinking about joining Coachability?

Coachability is a quick and easy way to find local players to coach. Coaches are in control of their availability, training venues, fees and have the potential to work flexibly and earn a good income. I have worked with some excellent players and have made good friendships with many of the players I coach. I feel that Coachability has offered me a new direction in my coaching career and I can see many more interesting opportunities coming my way.

I would recommend Coachability to any motivated, hard working and conscientious coach